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Top 4 winter surf destinations

All over the world, surfing has become extremely popular among water sports enthusiasts, regardless of age. There are several locations in the world that maintain their reputation as top surf centers, famous for the adrenaline and the perfect waves they offer.

The degrees in the thermometers show us that winter is coming, and if you are looking for places with warm sand and big waves to spend your vacation, here are some winter surf destinations for you.

Just imagine what it’s like to spend Christmas on the beach with hot sand, in a swimsuit and a cocktail in your hand. Not to mention the surfboard waiting to catch the most perfect waves. 

What could be more perfect than that?

If you haven’t planned your winter vacation yet, this article is special for you. Let’s start!


1. Portugal

Lately, the beaches of Portugal have become a mecca for surfing due to the strong waves of the Atlantic Ocean. On Praia da Ingrina (Ingrina beach), surfers can enjoy a picturesque and quiet beach with a tiny bay, which offers gentle waves suitable for beginner surfers.

The best time to surf in Portugal is between October and April because the waves are big and strong. Unfortunately, the water is a bit cold, so you have to consider equipping yourself properly for a water with an average temperature of 59°F (15°C).
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2. Hawaii

Hawaii is already the dream destination for any surfer. The best time to surf on the legendary North Shore of Oahu is during the winter, between October and April. This period is suitable for beginner surfers due to the southern shores with friendly waves, which makes Hawaii one of the best winter surf destinations.

The tropical climate makes this surfing destination to have warm water with temperature reaching 77°F (25°C), even if the calendar indicates that it is winter.

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3. Panama

Panama is the destination with the most secret beaches and quiet locations for surfing. The best time for winter surfing is between December and April when cyclones in the Atlantic Ocean send strong and massive swells to shore.

If we are talking about the water, you must know that its temperature is maintained at a value of 80°F (26°C).

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4. Morocco

Morocco has become a top destination for European surfers. The beaches here are suitable for both beginner and more experienced surfers.

The best time for winter surfing in Morocco is between December and March, when surfers are greeted by rebellious waves such as Safi, Killer Point or Essaouira. 

Also, the Agadir, Taghazout and Tamraght camps are waiting for all beginner surfers who want to catch their first wave.

The water reaches a temperature of 65°F (18°C) degrees, which makes this place one of the best winter surfing destinations.

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These dream locations are suitable for those who choose heat and sun over cold and snow. If you are among them and you are looking for some great surfboard sensations, book your next vacation in one of these winter surfing destinations, or try them all.

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