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Should you rent or buy a surfboard

Surfing is a water sport very popular among water lovers, who want to live moments full of adrenaline and ecstasy. However, when it comes to the equipment you need for surfing, a rather problematic question arises: to buy it or use surfboard rental services?

This article was created in order to clarify this issue, so that you can make a much easier decision and so that you can enjoy your next surfing vacation.


Costs involved

First of all, the most important aspect is the costs involved in purchasing or renting a surfboard. In specialty stores, this sports equipment is quite expensive if you want to buy it brand new. On the other hand, surfboard rental services can save your budget, giving less money, and paying only for the days when you use the equipment.

Therefore, a cheaper option to practice this sport is to rent a surfboard only for the periods of your vacation at the beach.

The need for space

Space is another aspect that you need to consider. If you choose to buy a new surfboard, you will need to have a garage where you will store it, and the size of such a board is quite large. However, choosing the surfboard rental services, you will not have to worry about storing or transporting it. You will only have it on the beach while you surf, and then you will give it back.

Surfing with children

We all know how fast children grow, and how often we have to change their wardrobe when they don’t have any clothes to fit them anymore. This also happens with the surfboard. So, if your children are also passionate about this sport, you will have to think that periodically you will give large sums of money to buy new surfboards, because the little ones grow up and will no longer fit them. The right solution would be to rent surfboards for children, depending on their height. You save money and have happy children at the same time.

The cool look of surfing

Surfing is in itself a cool sport, but having your own surfboard that you can customize as you like, will make you look much cooler in front of others. So, if you care about your image and want to be the coolest one on the beach, you will have to buy your own equipment, instead of choosing surfboard rental services.


Scratches and damages

Surfing is a pretty dangerous sport if you don’t know how to control the board, which often involves scratching or damaging the equipment. If you think that the marks that may appear on your new board will not bother you, you can choose to buy it. Instead, the boards you rent will probably already be scratched, so another extra scratch won’t matter. But, you have to think that a few scratches on the surfboard can show that you are a cool person who is not afraid of danger.

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