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Short guide to power washing: three unmissable tips

Have you found yourself fixated on the unsightly gunk that clings stubbornly to your home's exterior? Or perhaps you yearn for the nostalgia of a trip to the car wash, seeking a fulfilling chore to undertake? 

Renting a power washer is a straightforward endeavor, and witnessing the aforementioned grime effortlessly vanish from your property can be an incredibly satisfying experience. It's as if the objects you wash are magically restored to their former glory. However, to ensure a smooth and efficient process, some essential planning is in order.

Know your targets 

Before you embark on your power washing journey, have a clear plan of what you intend to clean. Exercise caution with delicate items that may not withstand high-pressure cleaning. Vents, windows, and small exterior light fixtures are examples of areas where a heavy-handed approach could spell disaster.

Chart your course 

Once your cleaning targets are defined, devise a strategic plan for tackling the task. Remember this cardinal rule: Always spray from the top of an object down to the bottom. By doing so, you'll prevent the unsightly streaks of mildew and fungus from running down the walls you've painstakingly cleaned.

Gauge the power 

Before unleashing the force of the power washer, familiarize yourself with the pressure it exerts against different surfaces. Begin from a distance of three to four feet, moving the wand from side to side. If the grime surrenders to the force from this distance, there's no need to draw closer. However, if some residue persists, gradually approach the surface to find the ideal distance for effective cleaning.

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Armed with these invaluable tips, you're now poised to master the art of power washing. As you embark on this cleansing adventure, remember to exercise care and precision to transform your surroundings into pristine havens of beauty. The gunk will bow to the power of your washer, and you'll revel in the satisfaction of a job well done. So, gear up, plan ahead, and let the power washing magic begin!


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