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Quick guide to renting a unique car from private individuals and small rental companies


Not everybody owns a car, because for many people it doesn’t make sense to own a car. But everybody needs a car at some point in their life, let it be for moving or for a roadtrip with friends or family. In many cases getting a rental from one of the big car rental companies is the go to option. But these rental car services may include long processes and high fees for getting the car. Also they only offer very basic models.

Another option is renting from private individuals or small, specialized rental companies that offer more unique cars like classic or exotic cars.

The process of renting from private individuals and small car rental shops can be very different than at the large car rental companies (Sixt, Hertz, etc.).

The step-by-step guide to renting a unique car

Select the category or the specific car that you want to go with

Do you already know which type of car or specific model you want to rent? There is plenty of choice, from unique classic cars to the newest fastest exotic sports cars.

Filter out the results with filters according to what you need.

Here you will get a lot of results. Some will differ in their time of availability, while others usually differ in their model, specifications, or other things. Here you will need to select the filtering options exactly to your needs. In this way, filtering out a car for you will become easier.

Fulfill your daydreams in the best manner

Once you see an offer that you want to go for, you can book it on a rental marketplace (from private owners) or on the car rental shops website. Pick up at the location, and you will be ready and set to go for your next road trip or car adventure. However, there are some limitations to using the car, and we will elaborate on them in the next section.

The insurance policy covers everything

Renting a car may impose the risk of accident or any mishap happening to the car. So, on most car rental marketplaces and rental shops featured by, the vehicles are covered by insurance policy. In this way, the car gets accident coverage, and it brings a lot of value for the safety of the car and peace of mind for the owner.

Mileage and usage limits

To make sure that the car is not misused or worn down more than expected, most offers include mileage limits per day. It ensures that if you, the renter, exceeds the limit, you have to pay additional charges.


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