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Quick guide to renting a campervan

Going on a camping trip provides you with an experience that you cannot forget for your whole life. However, some things can make your camping trip experience even better and one of those things is having the perfect campervan. It allows you to go almost anywhere and camp without any issues.

Renting a campervan, either from a private camping enthusiast or from a local campervan rental shop is an amazing adventure. It’s like renting freedom and adventureness for a few days!


How can you rent a campervan online?

With the help of the internet, renting campervans is not a difficult thing anymore. You can get the whole process done in minutes using your phone or computer and the help of So, here are the steps that you need to follow:

1. Start with searching for a campervan according to your requirements

You need to start by searching for a campervan online that meets your requirements. Here you will need to specify the requirements like your destination and your collection and returning dates. After entering these you will get to see a lot of options where campervans are ready to be rented.

2. Get in touch with the owners

After you filter out the options you are considering you can contact the owners of those campervans. You can meet them somewhere or you can also directly book the campervan online without any issues.

3. Complete the booking process and you will be good to go

Now that you are done with the filtering process, and you have selected the campervan that you are going to book. All that is left is to complete the booking process. 

For the booking process, will redirect you to the rental marketplace or website of the local rental shop that hosts the selected offer.

Here you need to complete the booking process and your adventure will be ready to start.

What are the benefits of renting the campervan online?

Guaranteed booking and availability

Wouldn’t it be a shame if you found the perfect campervan for your adventure and then when you come to pick it up, your desired campervan is not available?

That’s not gonna happen to you if you book the campervan online in advance. The rental shop or private lender is gonna know which exact campervan you booked and when to keep it available for you. 

So rather reserve it online in advance than go for a spontaneous pick-up.

Insured campervan rental

Almost all the rental marketplaces and local rental shops featured by include an insurance policy that covers borrower and owner in case of any damages during the rental period.

For most offers you can find the insurance policies online before booking, so make sure to check them before booking and paying.

Complete camping equipment available

When you rent a campervan online there is no need to carry any camping equipment along with you. Most of the campervans come with full equipment like camping chairs, table, pots, cutlery etc., so you only need to carry along your clothes and personal stuff.

All agreed milage limits and rental conditions

The online booking of campervans comes with agreed kilometers. It means that if you do not exceed the limits for your trip, you will not be charged any extra amount.

When booking a rental campervan online, you will be shown all the conditions before booking. So there is full transparency, no hidden fees or surprises.


Ready for your next campervan adventure?

You can make your camping trip even more amazing when you have a campervan. However, if owning one is not possible then renting one online is the best choice. If you are looking to rent a campervan for your summer camping adventure, you can find a list of websites to rent from here. Let the campervan rental experts at ShareSpace help you any time if you have questions around the process of renting a campervan online. Contact our campervan rental experts at

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