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How to choose the right skis

Mountain resorts are places where you enjoy unique sensations, while you have fresh air and improve your physical condition. Regardless of the frequency of your visits on the slope, there is something more important than just the pleasure of sliding on the snow.

You need your performance to be supported by safe equipment because it is your only connection with the surface of the slope. The type, length and flexibility of the skis will have an immediate impact on the long-term progress you will make.

Your pair of skis should give you full control over your trajectories and exemplary ergonomics. Despite your expectations, it will be very easy to choose skis, once all your criteria are clear.


Ski type

At first sight you may think that skiers simply slide along the slope, but as you progress in terms of skill, you will discover new ways to practice this sport. There are several types of skis, and if you know them, it will be easy to choose skis for your needs.

On Piste Skis

Do you love to make turns on the slope? In this case, the most recommended for you are the ski slopes. Quite narrow, they ensure extra responsiveness between turns, as well as good stability.

All-Mountain Skis

These skis are suitable for dealing with different types of snow or terrain. They are easy to handle regardless of the type of snow you choose to ski. They are also suitable for beginner skiing, intermediate or advanced on several types of terrain.


They are suitable for any type of skier, from beginner to more advanced. Freeski skis have a wide waist and tips with a rocker in the tail and front for fresh snow, but not for icy slopes.


It’s good to know what kind of skier you are. If you have never skied before, it is good to choose a pair of skis for beginners. For beginner skiing, the skis need to be with a softer flex. Intermediate and advanced skiers can choose skis with a harder flex.


There are differences between men’s and women’s skis. Men’s skis can withstand heavier weights and forces, and women’s skis are built to fit their anatomical needs.

Remember that skis for men can be unisex, but those for women cannot.

Ski Length

The general rule is that you have to choose a ski length that reaches somewhere between your chin and forehead. Advanced skiers and experts can choose skis that are slightly longer than their height.

A short ski close to the chin is dedicated to beginner and intermediate skiers, who are well proportioned. If you are less passionate about speed and you like to do slalom, to take short turns, a short ski, with a predominantly rocker shape is suitable for you.


The place where you ski is also important. If you want to ski on the neat routes in the Northeast or in the mountains in the West of the US, you will need a pair of skis suitable for these places. 

For example, if you want to ski in the Rocky Mountains, it is good to choose skis with a wider width and more rocker.

All-mountain skis are suitable to withstand any type of terrain or weather condition.


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