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How adventuring benefits your wellbeing

In most cases, it is true to say that we all had a great sense of adventure as children. Going out to observe or climb the trees and enjoy fresh air is an integral part of the life of children.

However, as we grow, the workload and challenges of life rob us of our sense of adventure. This should not be the case, as adventure is a potent booster of health and well-being. 

Whatever stage of life you are in, you must ensure that your sense of adventure never dies. Here are some reasons why adventure is great for your health.


Adventuring keeps you young

Exploring new destinations can’t turn back the clock, but it can make you feel younger by bringing you back to a simpler time when you may not have had many responsibilities.

Traveling to new locations helps you to lose track of time and just enjoy life in that moment. This helps your mindset to stay young and agile which translates into your outer carriage. The way we perceive time as adults is different from the way children perceive time. 

This was proven by David Eagleman who studied time perception at Baylor college of Medicine. Therefore, adventure helps to revive the child in you and makes you feel the weight of time and ageing less.

Adventuring keeps you healthy

Getting out into nature can refresh your batteries and help you forget about the pile of paperwork and child dramas before heading back to work or school. This will definitely reduce your stress levels.

Fresh air is not all there is to enjoy on an adventure. There are a lot of health benefits to enjoy through adventure.

The physical activities you engage in during adventure help you stay physically fit.

In addition, traveling the world helps your mental health and helps you stay fit. As your brain interprets new cultures, sights, sounds, and people when you travel, you think more creatively. A 2010 study by Indiana University indicates that self-awareness facilitates understanding situations and allows for better decision-making.

Adventuring keeps you social

Without doubt, we are all social beings. We thrive through the relationships we develop with others. Over time, our social circle tends to narrow as we move away from old colleagues and university pals. While traveling, we can remain social and make more friends.

The shared experiences of explorations strengthen your social bonds, expanding your social circle. You are sure to meet a broad spectrum of people during adventurous holidays – ranging in age, demographics, backgrounds, and interests.

Adventuring keeps you appreciative

Traveling helps you to take some time out of the busy and hectic schedule that life gives you to be able to appreciate the beauty of nature and be inspired by the wonders on the globe. In your daily busy schedule, you would normally not see these things.

By removing ourselves from situations, we can develop an unbiased perspective on our life goals and direction. Think of travel as the breath of fresh air that your parents wanted for you!

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