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Escape winter by renting a boat in the caribbean

You may be wondering why you would rent a boat to sail to the Caribbean in the winter holidays. 

Let me introduce you to the beauty of exotic islands and crystal clear waters.

The islands of the Caribbean are very popular due to the warm and stable weather, the hospitable people, the good food and the excellent diving.

By boat rental, you will be able to sail in unprecedented places and you can relax in peace, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Not to mention the low temperatures and snow brought by the winter season.

The best time to sail is from mid-November to the end of May. When it’s cold at home, it’s warm in the Caribbean, with reggae music, cocktails, fine sandy beaches and palm trees. So why not go to this idyllic destination.

Maybe you want to know what areas you could visit and what activities you could do to spend a vacation as invigorating as possible. I will present to you some attractive places for tourists where you can easily reach by sailing a rented boat.



Antigua is the perfect place to combine Caribbean parties with challenging sailing, wildlife and exotic white sand beaches. There are exactly 365 beaches on this island, one for each day of the year.

The warm sea and constant winds make Antigua the ideal place for boat rental for the winter holidays.

Rent a boat in Antigua

British Virgin Islands

One of the most beautiful boat rental locations in the world. A unique location in the Caribbean, which allows you to practice yachting in a huge and closed coral lagoon. The small waves allow easy navigation between islands just a few kilometers away.

Despite its popularity, this location is also rugged, providing privacy even for a large number of sailing boats.

Rent a boat in British Virgin Islands


A destination that combines white beaches and coral reefs, being also the birthplace of Caribbean rum. Here you can navigate the trade winds of the blue winds between tropical paradises, where French and Caribbean cultures combine.

To the south are Saint Lucia and Grenada, and in the north the Dominican Republic. All of these are tropical islands taken directly from the famous “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie series.

Rent a boat in Martinique


A few people know that after the Great Barrier Reef, the coral reef around Belize is the second largest coral reef in the world. Belize is a little-known boat rental paradise. This part of Central America is untouched, dotted with numerous low palm islands and bars where you can order crayfish and all kinds of fresh seafood.

The ancient Indian civilizations left here ancient monuments, hidden in the surrounding primary forests. In short, this land is truly fascinating and untouched by human hands.

Rent a boat in Belize


Take a cruise from one deserted beach to another in crystal clear waters. With a boat rental, suitable for beginners, on this dream destination, your winter holidays will be perfect.

Here you can also do excellent snorkeling, in shallow waters with abundant marine life.

Rent a boat in Bahamas


It is also known as “Island of Spices”. It is a green, mountainous island, where you can discover the wildness of the jungle and the Caribbean life on the coast. The water here is warm and perfect for diving to see the coral reef in the western part of the island.

Grenada is more suitable for experienced sailors and is ideal for a round trip sailing to St. Vincent or St. Lucia.

Rent a boat in Grenade


This location is an open-air museum that presents socialism in a tropical paradise. A unique destination, with pristine seas, lots of fish, but a lack of restaurants. Cuba simply has a fantastic, untouched nature that cannot be found anywhere else.

Rent a boat in Cuba


The best time for boat rental is between February and May, which is the peak season in the Caribbean. 

November, December, January and early June are also suitable times to sail the Caribbean Sea.

From mid-June to the end of October is hurricane season. You can also sail in the Caribbean during this time, but it is very hot and it often rains. And, of course, you should monitor the weather forecast so that you are not caught unprepared by a hurricane, which could turn your relaxing trip into a catastrophe.

If we talk about the activities you can do in these wonderful islands, you can take a look at the list below:

  • Diving to see coral reefs and the diverse underwater world. You can find dolphins, flying fish, a large number of colorful tropical fish, and even sharks, such as the Caribbean reef shark, the black shark, or the tiger shark
  • You can visit hundreds of romantic islands and bays, white sandy beaches surrounded by coconut palm trees and clear waters where you can swim
  • Fishing. The most common catches are tuna, barracuda and sea bream
  • Visit nature reserves, wild rainforests with numerous waterfalls, lush vegetation and exotic flowers such as oleanders, hibiscus, magnolias, anthuria and more. See find abundant wildlife with monkeys, turtles, two-meter-long iguanas, hummingbirds
  • Walks among the Cocoa, Coffee, Sugar and Tobacco Plantations. You will find many types of spices, fruits and vegetables such as papaya, avocado, mango, pineapple, coconut and banana
  • Night parties in Countless nightclubs, discos and other types of entertainment

If you can’t wait for your winter holidays, but you’re not a lover of skiing and snow, and you quickly miss the summer sun, the Caribbean Sea is at your disposal! You don’t have to wait until July to enjoy the heat or a day at the beach.

When it is cold, raining or snowing outside, you can escape to an exotic destination, enjoy serene days with lots of sun and even a good swim in clear blue waters.

Does it sound good to spend a vacation in these exotic islands? Get a boat rental and start sailing carefree in the clear waters and get ready for an adventure full of adrenaline on the best dream locations. The next winter holiday can send you to a beach with palm trees and refreshing cocktails.

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