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Beginners guide to camping and camping equipment

Even the most comfortable people, who like luxury and comfort, still have a desire to see what nature is like, and they want to live this experience. If you want to go camping, but you don’t know what equipment you need, don’t panic. We have created a camper beginner guide that saves you in any situation.

For starters, if you have never done this, it is good to go with an expert or at least experienced in terms of camping. Maybe you have such a person even among your friends, and this will make your first camping experience even more enjoyable.

But there are still situations in which you really can’t find a camping expert, so you can do it yourself. All you need is basic equipment and the location where the expedition will take place. 

Here are some basic tips to follow:

  1. If you want to save money you can rent camping equipment
  2. Make sure you bring enough food
  3. Don’t forget to have thick clothes with you, even in summer, just in case
  4. Make sure the weather forecast is in your favor
  5. Camp in a location that you checked out before

What is the basic camping equipment?

In this part of our camping beginner guide you will find out what is the basic equipment you need to take with you on the trip. Think that camping is like a trip to the mountains, but without the cottage, furniture and kitchen utensils you need to cook. So, you need essential things that will help you be sure of your food source and your own comfort.

Remember that most of this equipment can be rented, which will reduce costs and help you save some money. If you have never done this before and you still don’t know if you will like it or not, you can choose to rented the equipment instead of buying a new one that you won’t have to deal with later.

The tent– it is necessary to choose it according to the number of people with whom you will organize the expedition, to make sure that everyone takes place. You can also choose it depending on your budget. If you have more money, don’t forget that you can get a very large tent with more space.

The sleeping bag – to choose this equipment you must first evaluate the temperature in the area where you will camp. If the weather is nice you can choose a cooler sleeping bag, but if it is cold, you will need a special, much thicker one. Also, in situations where temperatures are much lower than you would expect, you can warm yourself with an extra layer of thick clothing.

Light source – this equipment is very important because in trips of this kind you will not have lighting. A flashlight is indispensable in camping trips, but you can also choose to take a lantern for ambient light.

Stove – this will help you warm up or cook your food or coffee in the morning, and it is not very expensive either. Remember to take a few canisters with fuel to get you on the trip.

Plates, cups and cutlery – you will need them to eat. You can take some from home, but the most suitable are the plastic ones to avoid breaking them.

Camping chairs – will help you eat more comfortably, or rest during the day. A hammock is also a much more comfortable option.

What should you wear on a tent trip?

We have reached the part of our camping beginner guide, where we will talk about the right clothes. Because on this type of trip dirt is inevitable, you better choose dirt resistant clothes, or at least with darker color. Cotton clothes are not recommended because they absorb moisture and will not keep you warm.

Thick socks, gloves and a hat are must-have accessories! Thick clothes are a must have, even if the daytime temperatures are high. At night, the situation will change and you will be very cold.

When it comes to shoes, be careful to wear something waterproof so your feet will not freeze.


What can you eat at the campsite?

Regarding the food you can prepare in the campsite, it is good to choose simple dishes that do not require much cooking time. Canned food is a good option, but if you are not a fan of them you can choose packaged food, which only needs to be slightly heated before being eaten.

Don’t forget to take some fruits and vegetables to provide the vitamins and nutrients you need. You may not believe it, but a tent trip can be quite tiring, so you need food that will give you energy and strength.

If you choose to go with a group of friends, you can choose to make a barbecue, but be careful not to set the forest on fire. The fire will need to be monitored nonstop, and completely extinguished after you are done. Fire-roasted marshmallows can be a delicious dessert.

This camping beginner guide is not for experts. You don’t have to be a great cook to prepare something to eat at the campsite. You can choose simple dishes, even sandwiches can be a good choice. Don’t forget to take enough food with you! 

Where can you go camping?

You will find on different sites the opinions of nature expedition enthusiasts who can tell you which are the best areas for camping. But if you are a beginner, choose a location not far from civilization. In case you don’t like the experience or the rain starts and spoils your fun, you will have the opportunity to pack up and go home quickly.

It is also good to know that there are resorts created especially for camping, being equipped with toilets and organized especially for lovers of these experiences. It is a more comfortable option, which will help you discover this activity in nature.

We hope that this camping beginner guide will help you get started on your next camping trip. Don’t forget to have fun and respect nature as it deserves! To find rental camping equipment for your first camping adventure, click here!

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