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6 benefits of paddle boarding, why you should rent a board and get out onto the water

You are looking for an activity that will not only benefit your physical health but also your mental wellbeing? Then you should point your view on paddle boarding. The benefits of paddle boarding are nearly endless. Almost everyone can do paddle boarding, even if you think you are lacking the balance and skill to do so. You will be surprised how easy it is to get out onto the water on a paddle board.


1. Balance

The more experience you have paddle boarding, the better your balance will be on the water but also on-shore. Paddle boarding develops your sense of stability, which helps in daily life but also in other balance focussed sports like yoga, snowboarding and surfing.

2. Core strength

With the right paddling technique, the core does the most work in paddle boarding. With every stroke of the paddle your abs muscles contract. You basically perform a mini crunch with every stroke. There are few sports that exercise your core muscles “on the go” the way paddle boarding does. You won’t even notice it or feel like you’re working out, but you’ll definitely see the results after some paddle board excursions.

3. Arm strength

Besides the abs, your arms and upper body also do a major job in propelling you forward on the board. After your first couple of rides you will definitely feel your arms, shoulders and chest. But with some more exercise, that will be fine and you will see how it gets easier to paddle long distances.

4. Mental relief

Water and waves have a relaxing effect on people. Imagine just you and a paddle board on a lake or river. Slowly paddling and balancing the waves, rocking you from side to side a bit. You focus on the movement and the balance and forget about all the problems and disconnect from all the mental ballast.

Try it, it really works!

5. People

As mentioned before, everybody can paddle board. It’s so simple and easy to learn, equipment is easily available. So it’s no wonder so many people do it and enjoy it.

In some cities you will find hundreds of paddle boarders out on the local lake or river after work or on the weekend. You will not only meet the person you rent your paddle board from but it’s also easy to connect to other paddle boarders. Just start a conversation about the equipment or the lake or river you’re paddling on.

6. Tan and vitamin D

It’s scientifically proven, the vitamin D from sunlight makes people happy. On the water you’re exposed to the sunlight like nowhere else. Also, who doesn’t like a nice tan? So next time don’t lay around lazy at the beach to get tanned, but rather be active on the paddle board and benefit from all the other benefits listed here while also tanning and getting in your dose of vitamin D.


See, paddle boarding is so beneficial for so many parts of your body and mind. Don’t you think you should give it a try? You don’t even have to buy all the expensive equipment. It’s very easy to rent paddle boards and paddles. There are rental shops in most cities or lakes and rivers, find the best offers here. It’s cheap to rent, from $15 per day and super flexible.


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