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5 adventures to try this winter

Winter is certainly the harshest season with negative temperatures, snow and cold winds. But that does not mean that it does not have its own beauties and advantages. 

Although you will want to snuggle in beds and pajamas and watch the snow from the window, in a short time you may get bored and want to develop outdoor activities and try some winter adventures.

Even if it is cold, winter becomes a perfect time to do some outdoor activities, to travel and explore beautiful and rich white landscapes. And, when you are looking for new ideas on how you can enjoy this season more, here are some examples of activities that you can try, if you have not had the courage so far.


1. Skiing

It is a classic winter activity, which requires a slope and a minimum of equipment that, fortunately, can be rented. You can find many dream destinations where skiing is the main winter activity.

In the cold months, skiing is an activity loved by the whole family, on weekends, and not only, laying the foundations for disciplined and balanced children. Don’t forget the protective equipment, especially the helmet, which can help in case of more serious falls.

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2. Sledding

It is a classic activity, and one of the most representing winter adventures for any child. The sleigh does not require presentation, and can be both plastic or more refined, with a chair or bench and soles made of metal or wood, which slides on snow and ice.

Even if it’s cold, the children will warm up immediately, because they will run to the top of the hill to take another sleigh ride. You can also put a warm blanket on the sled for extra comfort.

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3. Making mulled wine

What could be better than a hot cup of mulled wine? There are many mulled wine recipes that you can try, or if you are more inventive, you can try to make your own recipe.

Your house will smell of cinnamon, sweet wine and oranges, which will match with the snow outside. The mulled wine cup will create the perfect balance between the cold from outside and the heat in the house.

4. Photographing snowy landscapes

Photographing snowy landscapes is also a perfect winter adventure for creating new memories. You can enjoy the snow outside and you can immortalize its beauty either with a professional camera or with a smartphone.

You will live memorable moments looking for the perfect setting and enjoying the wonder of nature. You can enjoy the adventure alone, or with your family.

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5. Snow hiking

If you are a more sporty person who feels good in the middle of nature, snow hiking is perfect for you. You need some cold-resistant boots and warm clothes, so you can last longer in the cold winter air.

These are just a few winter adventures that you can try with your family. Don’t let the cold weather spoil your good mood, and enjoy the beauty and peace that the snow offers you.

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