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3 microadventures to do this week


Everybody loves a nice microadventure, and now in summer, there are no excuses like bad weather or low temperatures that keep you from adventuring. So we selected our 3 favorite microadventures to do this week. All for little or no money and without heavy equipment or big planning needed.

Get on a Bike

Has your bike been in the dusty storage room since last year? Then now is the time to get rid of the dust and take it for a spin. Have you ever tried a different style of cycling than your usual? Have you tried trail riding or road biking? It’s super easy to rent a different bike and explore new styles of biking and new ways to discover the roads (or trails).

Hike up a hill

Have you ever hiked up the highest hill in your area? If not, take on the challenge, get together your hiking gear or rent  high quality gear. Hiking up hills is a very good way of winding down after a busy day at work or university. It doesn’t cost any money, is a challenge and will definitely benefit your physical and mental health. You might even be able to snap some nice sunset photos with your camera.

Have an outdoor BBQ

Do you have a handy portable BBQ grill? (If not just rent one). Instead of having a boring dinner indoors, go for an adventurous outdoor dinner this week. Having a BBQ is just one way to have a great outdoor dinner adventure, but you can also go for a picnic or make a campfire in the park or at the beach.

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Matt Graham