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3 important rules when renting power tools

Are you about to rent a power tool or precision instrument for your next DIY or home renovation project? Follow these 3 simple but important rules to make it a great experience for you and the owner. Show some respect to the tool and the owner and it’s gonna be all fine.


Find the right tool and lender

Do you know which tool you need? Perfect! You mastered the first step. You have to be sure which exact tool you need for your mission. Otherwise you will definitely mess up the next step.

But also make sure to find the right lender. If you need the tool urgently they shouldn’t be too far away, because you can’t wait for them to send it via mail. helps you to find the right tool and right place to rent it from.

Use the tool properly

If you mess up your own tool by misusing it, it’s your problem. But please don’t do that to other people’s tools. While it’s quite hard to break a hammer, electric and precision tools are easily broken by misusing them. Either unknowingly or purposefully misusing tools, especially fragile precision or power tools is not cool. So make sure to use the tools in the way they’re supposed to be used. If you’re not sure or it’s your first time using a tool, don’t hesitate to ask the lender for instructions. They rather invest some minutes into teaching you how to use the tool than dealing with a broken tool.

Return the tool clean

Clean it before returning, empty trash bags of vacuum cleaner, remove wood splinters from the drill head etc. just clean it.

There is nothing more frustrating for the lender than having to hunt down their equipment, so return on time. And they might charge you extra or keep your deposit if you’re a late returner or return their tool dirty.

That’s it already, simple, right? It’s easy and simple to rent power tools online or at the local tool rental shop. makes it even easier for you to find and rent the right tool for your next DIY or home renovation project.


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