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19 simple tips for your winter camping adventure

If you are among the enthusiasts of outdoor excursions, but so far you have avoided going out in nature due to the cold, you can change your mind after convincing yourself of the beauty and tranquility of winter camping.

However, there are obvious reasons why most people would rather spend their cold season in the comfort of their home than go out in the wild: often negative temperatures, restricted access to water, difficult progress, and so on. Therefore, in order to be able to enjoy your cold weather camping to the fullest, we’ve put together a list of tricks to make it a great adventure.


1. Check the weather forecast

Before you go on your winter camping adventure, check the weather forecast. Make sure you know what temperatures will be during the trip and if snowstorms are expected. Always be prepared for a sudden change of the weather.

2. Make sure you wear appropriate clothing

The basic principle for winter equipment is layered clothing. First you need a body-hugging blouse, then a wool sweater, for example, and on top a waterproof jacket.

In addition, you need a wool hat and winter gloves to allow excellent dexterity. And socks are important, ideally you should have a pair that absorbs moisture and is very thick and comfortable.

3. Choose your tent wisely

The cold can discourage many hikers from sleeping in tents in the winter, but not lovers of such adventures. If you love the mountains, winter hiking and have this passion for sleeping in a tent, you must choose the best quality equipment. This means a sturdy tent that can withstand winter conditions.

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4. Don’t forget your sleeping bag

Another aspect is the sleeping bag, which must be very thick and very well insulated. With a professional sleeping bag, you will not feel the cold outside. The idea is not to spend a lot of money on equipment, but to rent high quality products that are effective. For example, the sleeping bag must be large enough and warm enough to be suitable for winter temperatures.

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5. Warm up your sleeping bag before using it

A cold sleeping bag is unpleasant in winter camping. To benefit from the heat, remember to warm your sleeping bag. Before going to bed, put a few bottles of warm water in your sleeping bag to raise its temperature.

6. Add a mattress to your sleeping bag

Another useful thing is an air mattress or an isoprene mattress, which is a good insulator from the ground and can provide more comfort when sitting in a sleeping bag in a tent.

7. Cover your head very well

The hat and the hood are essential to protect you from the cold. Make sure you take more hats so you can change in case it gets wet due to the snow. A wet hat can ruin your cold weather camping and make you sick. Also, the hood jacket is very helpful when the wind starts to blow.

8. Make sure you have warm clothes to sleep in

During the night the temperatures can be much lower, and the fact that you sit in the sleeping bag without moving will make you feel much colder. To avoid this unpleasant situation, it is good to wear an extra layer of warm clothes so that you can sleep better.

9. Choose high-calorie foods

High-calorie and high-fat snacks will help you maintain a high internal body temperature. Plan your meals carefully and make sure they are warm and high in calories.

10. Keep your clothes in the sleeping bag for more warmth

While you sleep, you can put your clothes in your sleeping bag which will help you to have more warmth. In addition, when you wake up you will have warm clothes to wear.

11. Stay hydrated

Water is very important for body temperature. Hot drinks should be a must during your winter camping.

12. Try to move as much as possible

When you move the blood will flow through the veins, which has the effect of raising the body temperature. Thus, in order to warm up, you have to move your body as much as possible.

13. Keep the fire going

Make sure you gather enough wood to maintain the fire. This way, you will enjoy the warmth of the fire and you will be able to heat your food and drink.

14. Try to wear more pairs of socks

It is very important to keep your feet warm so that you do not feel cold. The easiest way is to wear several pairs of socks that will definitely keep you warm during your cold weather camping.

15. Don’t try to hold it

Try to go to the bathroom as often as possible. Even if you need to go to the bathroom at night, don’t try to hold on because of the cold. This will make you lose a lot of energy and you will immediately feel the low temperatures.

16. Get a Portable Propane Heater

Choose a heater with safety features. An advantage for it would be to stop automatically if it is overturned, or if it detects a low level of oxygen. It will help you to warm the tent.

17. Use plenty of bottles or pillows filled with warm water

These are the simplest ways to keep your sleeping bag or tent warm at night and to keep your body and feet warm.

18. Stake a tarp above your tent

A tarp placed over the tent can retain extra heat and protect you from the frost. If you are caught in a snowstorm at night, the tarp will keep the snow away from the tent.

19. Use moisturizers

If your skin is affected by dermatitis or eczema, you will lose more body temperature than usual because the blood will flow closer to the surface of the skin. Use creams to keep your skin hydrated.

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